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Electrical Products Catalog

Carlon is a leading manufacturer of nonmetallic products that have become a standard in the electrical industry. Since their inception, these products have earned the approval of many industry organizations. At Carlon, we continue to develop products that make installations and upgrades easier and provide a long and service-free life for our end users. Feel free to review the many products we have to offer, such as; wiring device boxes, floor boxes, flexible conduit for electrical, thermoplastic enclosures for industrial and OEM applications, large junction boxes for outdoor lighting installations, and non-metallic wiring trough.


Zip Box® Blue™ Outlet and Switch Boxes

Carlon ® SuperBlue™ Hard Shell Boxes
Single Gang Nonmetallic Boxes
2, 3, & 4 Gang and 4" Square Nonmetallic Boxes
Old Work Nonmetallic Boxes
Ceiling Boxes
Adjustable Zip Boxes
Covers for Outlet and Switch Boxes
Covers for Ceiling Boxes
Nonmetallic Handy Box and Covers

Flex-Plus® Blue™ ENT

Flex-Plus® Blue™ Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing
Couplings, Terminators, Stub Downs, Adapters, and Accessories
Mud Boxes and Accessories
Octagon Ceiling Boxes
Conduit Cutters and ENT Cement
Quick Connect Outlet and Switch Boxes and Accessories

Weatherproof Products

Weatherproof Covers
Weatherproof Lighting Systems
In-Use Weatherproof Fixture
Weatherproof Boxes

Floor Boxes & Accessories

Round Floor Box Systems
Round Floor Box Nonmetallic Covers
Round Floor Box Brass Covers
Rectangular Floor Box Systems
Rectangular Floor Box Nonmetallic Covers
Rectangular Floor Box Brass Covers
Adjustable Residential Floor Box System

Liquidtight Conduit Systems

Carflex® Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit
Carflex® X-Flex™ Extra Flexible Nonmetallic Tubing
Carflex® Pre-Wired Liquidtight Whips
Carflex® Fittings


Circuit Safe® - NEMA Enclosures and Accessories
Circuit Safe® - JIC Enclosures and Accessories
Circuit Safe® - Pushbutton Enclosures and Accessories
Himeline® - HE Series Enclosures and Accessories
Himeline® - HS Series Enclosures and Accessories
Himeline® - HP Series Enclosures and Accessories
Himeline® - HLA/HLS Series Enclosures and Accessories
Carlon Distribution Enclosures
Slack & Splice Enclosures
Factory Modifications

Flexible Raceway Products

Hal-Free Riser-Gard®
Flex Plus® Blue™ ENT

Rigid Conduit, Fittings & Accessories

Schedule 40 and 80 Elbows
Couplings, Adapters, Fittings, and Accessories
Conduit Bodies
Junction Boxes - 6P Rated
Switch Boxes - FS and FD Boxes
Support Straps and Clamps

Conduit Accessories

Conduit Termination, Cutting, Joining, and Bending
Ropes and Tapes

Parking Lot Junction Box

Parking Lot Junction Box

Slip Meter Riser

Slip Meter Riser

Wireway & Wiring Trough

Wire Safe® Wireway, Wiring Trough and Fittings

Cord Grips

Straight PG Hubs
Straight NPT Hubs