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Codes & Standards


2001 Classified Through-Penetration Firestop Systems for Nonmetallic Raceways
2002 NEC Changes and Carlon Products
Abandoned Cables and 2002 NEC
Bubble Covers and the 2002 NEC
Cage Code Certificate
Carflex Installation and Code Information - Low Res
Carflex is C-UL-US Listed

Carflex Temperature Limit Explanation

Carflex Technical Information
Carlon Introduction and Global Changes to the 2005 NEC
Carlon Products and the 2002 National Electrical Code Changes
Carlon Weatherproof Covers Technical Information
Conduit Body Wirefill
Enclosure Ratings Definitions
ENT Special Cement- ENT Blue Quick-Set Cement
Fire Chiefs Report - Low Res
Fire Performance of Fire Resistive Concrete Slab Assy. w/ PVC Raceways Installed
Fire Safety Of PVC Raceways And The Model Building Codes
International Standards IP Protection Classification Data - Low Res
Motor Controller Enclosure Selection Table
NEMA Metric Trade Sizes
NEMA Types - Definitions Pertaining to Nonhazardous Locations - Low Res
Nonmetallic Raceways and Boxes in Fire-Rated Walls
OCFR FT-6, FT-4, and FT-1 Ratings for Carlon Flexible Raceway Systems
Permissible Construction to Use NM Cable
SCMS Codes and Standards Information - Low Res
Sealing Open Ducts
Temperature Limits on Nonmetallic Raceway
Trial by Fire - Low Res
Zip Boxes per 2002 NEC-Article 314