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Power Cable in Duct

  • Cables preinstalled in HDPE - eliminating the need to pull cables.
  • Standard wall thicknesses of TC7 Type A, TC7 Type B (SDR 13.5), Schedule 40 and Schedule 80
  • Listed duct assembly (upon request)
  • Manufactured in accordance to NEC Articles 352 and 354.
  • Conduit sequentially marked
  • Prelubricated during assembly process
  • Conforms to electrical industry specifications

Specifications (1.0, 2.0. & 3.0 all under specifications)

1.0 General

Carlon HDPE Power Cable In Duct is manufactured to the following various industry standards and specifications for dimensional requirements.

ASTM F 2160 Solid Wall High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Conduit Based on Controlled Outside Diameter (OD).

ASTM D 3485 Standard specification for Smoothwall Coilable Polyethylene (PE) Conduit (duct) for preassembled wire and cable.

ASTM D 3035 Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (SDR) Based on Controlled Outside Diameter.

NEMA TC-7 Smooth Wall Coilable Polyethylene Electrical Plastic Conduit.

UL 651B Continuous length HDPE

2.0 Material

Carlon duct is manufactured from a suitable thermoplastic polymer conforming to the minimum standard of PE334470E/C as defined in ASTM D3350.

Carlon® High Density Polyethylene duct is manufactured in the following configuration:

Smoothwall – Smooth Interior and Smooth Exterior wall.

3.0 Product Description

Polyethylene duct extruded as coilable tubing for use as a single or multiple raceway assembly. The conduit assembly may be direct buried, encased in concrete and used as innerducts.

Resin Properties

The resin properties shall meet or exceed the values listed below for HDPE.

Test Description
Values HDPE
D-1505 Density g/CM3 .941 - .955
D-1238 Melt Index, g/10 min Condition E .05 - .50
D-790 Flexural Modulus, MPa (PSI) 80,000 min.
D-638 Tensile strength at yield (psi) 3000 min.
D-1693 Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Condition B,F10 96 hrs. min.
D-746 Brittleness Temperature -75°C

Cable in Duct HDPE Information
Carlon HDPE Brochure - Low Res

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